Quality B4 Quantity:

  • RSH has chosen a business practice of Quality B4 Quantity.  Specifically with phone calls, RSH makes only manual phone calls.  This means we call with real humans and can call all work, cell and home numbers.  As our policy is to call all numbers associated with new account placements at least once per week for the first month, an account with two guarantors and 5 phone numbers (2 work, 2 cell & 1 home) will get up to 20 calls the first month. Giving RSH a much higher probability of making contact with the responsible party that can pay the bill. Even if RSH does not make contact, the responsible parties will receive multiple live messages on all their numbers.

  • While the use of an ATDS (Automatic Telephone Dialing System) can increase the Quantity of outbound phone calls, the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) makes it very difficult to allow for very good Quality.  The TCPA requires All Businesses that utilize an ATDS to get express written or oral consent from consumers before calling them on their cellular phone with an ATDS.Therefore using an ATDS could be illegally calling a cellular phone.

Relationship Mentality:

  • Unlike 'dialer only', automated agencies, RSH will take the time to listen to the guarantor, resolve objections and then offer several ways in which to get the bill paid as a RSH professional account representative. 

  • All accounts placed with RSH are ‘dealt’ to our collectors are assigned to collectors like dealing cards.  While you will have multiple RSH collectors working your accounts, each of your accounts will have one specific RSH representative to work with.  Assigning one representative to each account will allow RSH collectors to “converse” with your patients / guarantors; establishing a relationship to overcome objections and resolve the debt they owe.   We will not forcefully “demand” a payment of any type to be made, rather provide them with multiple opportunities in which to resolve their debt in a secure fashion.

  • RSH collectors’ pay is directly tied to the amount of money that they are able to collect.  They are not paid simply on the number of payments that they are promised. Therefore with RSH complaints will be kept to a minimum and recoveries will typically be 5 points higher, or more, than other agencies.

  • RSH collectors always initially request balance in full from the account guarantor.  However, if they are unable to pay their balance in full, RSH collectors will work with them to determine an acceptable payment arrangement within RSH guidelines.

  • With consumer accounts, RSH does not report to the credit bureau until 90 days from the date of the assignment of the account.  We will use this as a tool to encourage the consumer to pay as much of the balance as possible within the first 90 days. Our ability to use the credit bureau as a tool also keeps complaints to a minimum plus creates good PR for you as well as RSH.

  • When it is determined that the guarantor has the ability to pay the account balance in full yet continually refuses to do so voluntarily, the RSH collector may refer this account to you for suit authorization with our attorney.


  • RSH accepts MC and VA credit and debit cards, as well as electronic checks.  RSH also allows consumers to pay their debt on-line, 24/7.  Processing fees for any of these transactions will NOT be passed onto you or the account holder.
  • 24/7 on-line access to Client account inventory, posted reports and past remittances
  • Clients can upload accounts/report payments and account communications electronically directly through the secure Web Portal
  • Educational ARM Seminars to help your staff collect more in-house money and quickly identify collection accounts FREE OF CHARGE
  • Typical contingency fees, for accounts placed within a year from last date of service are between 14.9% and 35.9%
  • All calls inbound/outbound are digitally recorded

And we exhort you, brothers; warn those who are lazy, comfort the discouraged, help the weak, be patient with everyone.
1 Thessalonians 5:14

How RSH is Different from other collection agencies and attorney collectors:

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