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​As a 3rd Party Collection Agency, RSH works with a good number of healthcare clients.  As such, it’s very common to hear from the consumer that β€œMy insurance was supposed to pay for that!”.  Consumers are very often, wrongly informed.  This could be from the vast misinformation on the internet, a well-meaning friend or even their insurance agent!  

The reality is that, legallythe account guarantor is ultimately responsible for the bill.  A consumer's insurance is 'just a form of payment', just like we buy insurance to help us pay for other, potentially large, out-of-pocket expenses such as we do with Long- & Short-Term Medical Disability insurance, Vision and Dental insurance, Homeowner's insurance, Renter's insurance and Auto insurance. 

Thus, it's always in YOUR best interest (the guarantor) to listen to their RSH Account Representative's repayment options and choose which would work best for them.  Upon payment in full by the guarantor, RSH can provide a Paid-In-Full receipt so that the account guarantor can go back to their insurance company to negotiate reimbursement if they truly felt that their insurance should have paid the bill.  Consumers that refuse to work with RSH need to be aware that, if the bill remains unresolved, their credit could be negatively impacted and they may be subject to further remedies, invoked and authorized by the creditor, to obtain payment on the debt such as a lawsuit and garnishment of their wages or bank accounts.  

Working with consumers, or businesses that owe money, and offering reasonable repayment options for these guarantors to pay off their debt to our medical and non-medical clients is part of RSH's unique Relationship Collection Process.  Instead of just "demanding payment in full", like most other agencies and attorneys do, RSH's willingness to work with you and provide options for you to resolve the debt you owe to our client can make paying your collection debt as simple as you paying any of your current bills.  Additionally, YOU working with RSH can result in the prevention of negative credit bureau reporting and of the escalation of your account to a legal status.